About Us

IMG_9813Our lives changed forever on January 30, 2016 when our brother Ryan Tolmos was shot multiple times in a senseless act of violence that took him from us just two days later at the tender age of 28. You could say he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the hard reality is that he made a poor choice that evening. While we wrestled with the pain and confusion, our faith led us here to The Love Like RT Foundation in hopes that we can inspire change in others and support their families.

It is our goal to steer young adults like Ryan to live positive, honest and responsible lives through making the right choices in a society in which values are changing and even self-respect is almost nonexistent. In essence, it’s about inspiring them to be conscious of the consequences of every choice they make. We want these young adults to understand that their role in our communities is irreplaceable.

Furthermore, we want to educate them on how to prioritize the various loves in their life so that they can become the CEO of their own story in triumphantly conquering the temptations that provoke us all.
The Love Like RT’s mission is to prevent senseless loss and suffering through education about addiction, gun violence, and the consequence of choices.

By telling the story of Ryan Tolmos aka RT, LLRTF strives to bridge the gap between youth, teens, young adults and their loved ones through education and societal awareness that highlights communication, the significance of company you keep, and the real-life consequences of your choices.

Ryan’s Story

If there was ever a better friend than Ryan, we have yet to meet them. Ryan loved everyone and everyone loved him. In the wake of his tragic loss, we learned just how many best friends he actually had as countless individuals took to social media in the days and months after to talk about the ways he turned their lives around. Hundreds showed up to his celebration of life gathering. It seemed each person we spoke to said the same thing: “Ryan was my best friend, he always knew when to call and how to make me laugh.”, “I remember how he changed my life.”, “He will never be replaced.”.

Ryan’s personality was infectious and truly unique. He cared so deeply for others that as we have come to learn, he didn’t take enough time to care for himself. He loved everyone as an equal and never cast judgment. His zeal for life and unequivocal open heart was on display and available for each every person who crossed his path. He was invincible, except to himself. He was known to bounce from church to family homes to the recording studio to local bars in one single day, and all with the same passion and bright-eyed signature smile. He was so busy it made us all dizzy, yet he still had time to fall prey to addiction. He was a CEO and family man by day and a hard partying young adult by night who found a way to keep the pace with everyone, even those he should have steered clear from.

Ryan believed that since he had the best interest of everyone at heart, that everyone would treat him the same way. Yet even though he had a heart that never slept, he never learned to love from afar. Ryan also struggled with reaching out as he never wanted to be a burden to anyone else.


To tell the story of RT to inspire youth, teens, and young adults to avoid tragedy for themselves, their families and their communities.


It is our hope that we will make a difference in the lives of our community’s most troubled and vulnerable youth, while keeping Ryan’s memory alive. His kind, caring, fun-loving and generous spirit will live on through the actions of others as we inspire change and encourage peace and positivity; just as he would have wanted.

Key Objectives

  • Share the story of RT in our community to positively impact at-risk youth, teens and young adults
  • Mentor at-risk youth, teens and young adults, providing them with positive influences, experiences and opportunities to help them reach their potential and become productive, successful, valuable members of our society
  • Educate our community’s youth on the power of making the “right” choices in life & how your choices affect your future and those around you
  • Inspire our youth to avoid negative influences, peer pressure, addiction, violence and self destruction
  • Promote the benefits of education, mental and physical health, and the impact they have on your quality of life
  • Support the families of troubled and at-risk individuals, who lack the ability to identify issues, communicate and offer help to their loved ones, before its “too late”

How to Love Like RT

  • Smile at everyone you see
  • Laugh, and then laugh some more!
  • Light up a room with positive energy
  • Be your authentic self
  • Choose your company wisely
  • Give without asking for, or expecting, anything in return
  • Sing about the little things in life
  • Tell your loved ones you care
  • Be the CEO of your own life
  • Live with no regrets
  • Have Faith